Water Reuse

Gray Water is the generic term given to water from showers, bathtubs, laundry and bathroom sinks in your home. Properly treated this water can now be recycled and reused for landscape irrigation and flushing toilets. Using a state-of-the-art filtration and sanitation system, we help turn this wasted precious natural resource into a perfect renewed source.

For commercial property owners and leaseholders the need to conserve water is becoming a mandatory requirement. Additionally, it’s simply the right thing to do, both from a financial and environmental standpoint.

Resort property owners and operators are already feeling the water conservation squeeze.  Particularly those in arid climates where lush foliage and landscaping is mandatory for proper appearance, guest experience and ambiance.  The use of recycled water will have a huge impact on operating costs and profitability.  In addition, the ability to legitimately claim membership in the “Green Movement” will only be beneficial for the resort.

Egypt is generally considered to have abundant water resources.

However, water resources are becoming a major concern in Egypt.

The country rapidly growing population has increased the demand for water and the government recent drought conditions have caused many public water supply systems to experience limited availability of raw water.


The importance of water for the vitality of the state cannot be overstated. All consumers must use water more efficiently in order to maintain adequate water availability. Water efficiency is a means by which an adequate reserve water supply capacity can be maintained in order to make do during cyclical periods of drought.

We are all aware of the region problems we are facing with the Nile passing countries, much will depend on how we will be clever to use water and not to waste it, this will help us to provide water to all places and above all we do not waste and throw away the most important factor of our life and the base for any life and development in our home land.

Economic wise:

Recent studies carried out by Elbadael to a very well known compound our of Cairo showed that filter the water coming out of the whole house sinks, showers ecc without using the grey water, was able to provide water to whole gardens and green areas of the whole compound, the economic impact was really strong.


The  Challenge that we are sure to win in few years.

We have wasted a lot of time in using the energy that God provide us with, though we are sure that in few years our challenge will be reducing the gap from whom benefit from this energy and also lead the whole area for new solutions.