Water Solar Heating

Modern heating systems can be combined with solar panels, making solar heating systems available for hot water heating, or to feed additional heat into the heating circuit.

The use of solar radiation as heat energy is known as solar thermal heating. This is not to be confused with photovoltaic, which is the production of electricity using sunlight. The great opportunities of the use of solar energy have long been recognized.

Solar heaters, or solar thermal systems, provide environmentally friendly heat for household water, space and swimming pools heating. The systems collect the sun’s energy to heat air or a fluid. The air or fluid then transfers solar heat directly or indirectly to your home, water, or pool.

The benefits of solar heating:

  • Endless amounts of energy, free of charge
  • No CO2 emissions during operation
  • Cost savings: remarkable less energy to heat water, remarkable less energy for space heating
  • Reduced consumption of fossil fuels
  • Solar thermal systems can be integrated into existing systems
  • Modern systems work efficiently in winter

Solar thermal works in principle like a dark garden hose lying in the sun. The surface of the hose absorbs the sunlight and in particular the heat radiation so that the water therein is heated. Solar heating works in the following steps:


Our study approve that the payback time for a 200 lt hot water a day plant is less than 5 year, pls. ask Elbadael Staff for the complete study and the case study.