Indirect Evaporate Cooling
Cool your space with 100% full Fresh Air

Conventional air conditions that we have in all places cool the existing air in the place and recycle it without bringing indoor any fresh air from outside, the International rules talk about a percentage of fresh air for each person that has to be present in all kind of places, restaurant, malls or theaters for example should have at least from 20 to 30% of fresh air while hospitals should work with 100% of fresh air.

To Supply the percentage of Fresh Air traditional systems bring the outdoor air however its temperature (above 40 degrees in some time of the year in Egypt and even more for more hot weather places) and cool it down to the desired temperature and mix it to the recycled already cooled indoor air, that means a huge capacity of the air condition machine itself, and huge consumption of energy.

The new technology presented and tested by our partners Climate Wizard and Coolerado make precooling to the outdoor fresh air and cool it down to a temperature which allow to reduce the capacity of the air conditioning machines and make them save a lot of energy of electricity or gas, consuming only few watts and working with only water.

It’s a whole new way to cool using indirect evaporative cooling technology. Instead of using chemical refrigerants and compressors to cool recycled interior air, we use a new, patented process that runs fresh outside air through air filters and then a heat mass exchanger (HMX). This unique process delivers more comfortable, breathable air using one-tenth of the energy of typical air conditioners. Even Dad would be impressed.

The system could achieve from 60 to 100 % cooling saving based on the specific system application.

While industrial direct evaporative coolers offer a low energy consumption the same as the indirect evaporate cooling  but the direct evaporation of water in evaporative media pads. As air is drawn through the evaporative pads, water is evaporated thereby cooling the air to temperatures which may approach the Wet Bulb temperature of the incoming air. However, while the temperature of the air is reduced, the water evaporated from the pads raises the humidity of the air, partially offsetting the improved comfort achieved by the reduced temperature. Technologies have existed for some time which utilizes the advantages of evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature of air without the addition of moisture. These technologies invariably use some form of heat exchange media between the evaporation of water process and cooling of air. The low temperatures created by the evaporation of water provide a temperature differential to enable the cooling of air across a heat exchange barrier, which enables the transfer of heat from the air stream to be cooled without any direct contact with wet surfaces. The conditioned air is thereby cooled without the addition of moisture to the air stream. This technology is generally known as indirect evaporative cooling. A configuration for indirect evaporative cooling comprising counter-flow heat exchange in adjacent.


Climate Wizard


The payback period for this system is the same less than 3 years and you can have for all the time

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To Download the Product Catalog Click Download Button. Download