Global Energy Solutions for better life

Water and energy are the most important matters in everyone of us life, without water human being cannot survive while energy is what we need every day in our life to work, to sell and buy to get fresher in summer and get warmer in winter, all kind of life and production are connected to these 2 factors, Water and Energy.

Elbadael is finding global solutions for Energy saving, energy producing, cooling and heating systems, wasted water reused and green houses with no fossil fuel consumption, our main aim is to guide you through our studies and experience in your house, factory or commercial activity to save water, produce energy and save it, with huge save of money for your home or activity and saving the environment and the planet where we live.

The world wide direction now is how to use alternative energy knowing that fossil energy’s destination to finish one day adding to that the price of fusel energy which increasing each day and influenced by wars or problems among the countries, El Badael using the worldwide most advanced technologies will lead you to discover the many ways to produce, clean economic energy and how to save your current consumption and cut your bills of energy and how to save water and re use it and get the most of each drop of it.

We begin the process by studying feasibility issues, including the appropriate technology. We also examine special end user requirements and all types of social and economic impacts; next comes the design phase which address issues such as the scope of work, supplier cost and client budget and approval, during this phase, we ensure that technologies and applications are commercially sustainable for our clients, providing certificated results of the case study from approved consultant office and our international partners.

All studies made in this introduction are made together and under authorities of our international partners.

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Development 90%
Client satisfaction 100%
Hard Work 100%
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